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Article 1

If previously agreed otherwise in writing, the following conditions apply to all our offers and agreements .

Article 2

All our offers are without obligation, unless otherwise agreed in writing .

Article 3

Specifications of size , shape or quality specified in our cast photos, as well as designing samples or any other form are not binding and valid as a global indicator .

Article 4

The agreement is concluded by our confirmation of the customer contract or otherwise by the actual performance of the contract . 4.1 All prices include standard packaging , except if and insofar as writing otherwise stated by the seller . Special packaging costs are always have to be confirmed by DERMAEPIL B.V.

Article 5

Verbal agreements derive their validity only after written confirmation.

Article 6

All our prices are exclusive of VAT , and without shipment ( delivery ), unless otherwise indicated.

Article 7

If the customer changes the order giving rise to additional costs , we reserve the right to change the agreed prices.

Article 8

Unless otherwise agreed, as a condition delivery " ex works " . If we specify a delivery time this just means that we will meet this deadline. Endeavor to the best of our ability The customer is not entitled to annul the contract and / or claim , if the agreed delivery deadline is not met damages.

Article 9

We reserve the right to goods that are returned by the contractor or the receipt of which is refused at the expense and risk of the customer . At a location of our choice.

Article 10

If we take the transport of the goods to the contractor or a third party on us the resulting costs , insurance and risks will be borne by the contractor. 10.1 The buyer is obliged to take all products at first offer received if buyer does not fulfill , all resulting costs it will be charged.

Article 11

Claims for damages by reason of errors or defects must be notified in writing by post or our e-mail address within 5 working days after delivery, after this period , the contractor loses the right to complain.

Article 12

Compensation claims not give the contractor the right to refuse payment or receive a discount. In case of justified complaints , we are only obliged to replace the goods. We are not obliged to pay any compensation .

Article 13

All payments for orders must be paid 100% of the invoice in advance at company bank account. This applies even if the contractor is incompetent company form changes , postponement of payment, or filed for bankruptcy , or the company is terminated . At compliance , without suspension of the payment buyer is obligated to pay statutory interest charge for each day of delay on the full sum as well as all the ( extra) judicial costs.

Article 14

If the Purchaser fails to comply with the due date as described in Article 13, DERMAEPIL BV has the right to refuse the goods in whole or in part, and may claim damages as well as statutory interest charge for each day of delay.

If contractor does not following its obligations on time or as agreed following or creates a situation…… Not , does the contractor of its obligations on time or as agreed following or creates a situation as described in Article 13 , we are entitled to treatment and execution of the order to suspend in whole or in part without , there for the ordering party has the right to compensation. Of course, our right to damages shall remain unaffected.

Article 15

Filed execution of an order by an unforeseen force majeure prevented , we shall be entitled to adjust the implementation of these circumstances to terminate the contract and demand . Compensation for costs incurred up to the client Force majeure , we mean any event which we can exert any influence but which prevents the execution of the contract is hindered or prevented, wholly or partially

Article 16

We are not liable for loss , consequential or indirect damages that goods supplied by us is caused, to property and / or persons.

Article 17

Where would we be liable for any loss our liability is limited to the invoice value of the goods supplied .

Article 18

The contractor shall examine whether the marks given his instructions , models, designs , patterns , etc. are free of third party rights . He is for all the consequences of judicial claims of third parties liable .

Article 19

All goods supplied by us remain our property until all outstanding bills have been paid . By ( or on behalf of ) the purchaser the buyer has no right to dispose of our goods until payment has not been made . Against us , or for the benefit of third parties the buyer has no right to offer the goods as collateral or other security to third parties or third parties to provide . A business or personal right to the goods For non-fulfillment of payment or payment seller must give to our summons . Goods immediately at our disposal The buyer is obliged to bear the risk of fire and theft in respect of the goods are not paid and at our request an insurance policy and proof of payment of the premium to discuss .

Article 20

With respect to our agreements only Dutch law can apply. In case of dispute, the Court of Groningen is the right court of our location.

Article 21

When ordering the goods the buyer agrees ( accept ) to our terms and conditions of sale and delivery.